Mexico's transparency institute has ordered that Mexico's transport and communication ministry (SCT) disclose the awarded contract, advance payments and studies to build the third section of Mexico-City Toluca rail project.

A concerned resident requested the urban, economic and social impact studies for the rail project, as well as environmental mitigation efforts, the institute said in a release. The third party also asked to see all the details and information from the project's tender process.

SCT reported that the third section of the project is the responsibility of the Mexico City government, and provided electronic links to the information about the tender and the first two sections of the project.Unsatisfied with the response from SCT, the third party filed a revision appeal with the institute.

The cost of the project has risen to 44bn pesos (US2.4bn ) from 42.7bn pesos last November due to cost adjustments, inflation and the peso exchange rate against the US dollar, SCT has said.

In the last few months, the construction of the Mexico City-Toluca passenger train line has suffered two accidents.

The 58km line from Toluca, capital of Mexico state, to Observatorio station in Mexico City is currently 33% complete and should be 75-80% complete by the end of the year, SCT has said.

The ministry will carry out tests on the first phase of the line in December. Operations are due to start in April 2018, a year later than originally scheduled.

The interurban railway will have capacity to transport 230,000 people a day. Travel time is expected to be 39 minutes and trains will reach speeds of up to 160km/h.


Source: BNamericas