AEM-AED ForumThose in attendance at the upcoming AEM/AED Forum: Drivers of the Industry event will be afforded the opportunity to learn about a number of current industry drivers and issues facing the heavy equipment industry today.

Slated for September 12-14, in Chicago Illinois, the three-day event offers industry executives and senior-level managers access to a wealth of sessions that will provide details on how these drivers and issues will impact their businesses directly, allowing them to gain valuable insights on how to maximize their profit opportunities and position themselves for long-term success.

Held annually, the forum is designed to bring manufacturers and distributors together to discuss the challenges, threats and opportunities both groups are currently facing, as well as what will influence them in the future. Industry executives and senior-level managers who attend will get a look at what's new with building, roads, energy, oil, rental and more.

Without further ado, here are 13 things attendees can learn by going to this year’s AEM/AED Forum:

1. What issues matter most to other manufacturers and distributors – All seminars provide valuable information, but the AEM/AED Forum will allow manufacturers to share opinions with one another and their distribution. OEMs require input from both their and other manufacturers' distribution, who have direct access to end users, and they will have a wealth of opportunities to solicit that input at this event.  

2. How committing to innovative disruption can create new value and wealth for a business  Disruptive innovation expert Luke Williams will share how taking resources that are available to a company and rearranging them can have a transformative impact on its bottom line.

3. What economic issues will directly impact the construction industry – Wells Fargo Managing Director and Senior Economist Anika R. Khan will highlight how residential and commercial construction, capital spending, jobs and wages, productivity, materials price movement and market indexes will affect the industry as a whole in the coming months and years.

4. How telematics is changing how business is conducted and improving professional relationships   An OEM, a dealer and an end user will each share the value that machine data provides them, and they will examine just how telematics is changing the customer experience for the better.

5. What government initiatives and legislation will directly impact manufacturers and dealers  AEM Senior Vice President of Government and Industry Relations Nick Yaksich and AED Vice President of Government Affairs Daniel Fisher will provide updates on all of the developments and happenings in Washington D.C. that are relevant to the industry.

6. How the current supply, cost and effect of crude oil, natural gas and petroleum will affect the equipment industry  The American Petroleum Institute (API) will highlight key drivers behind the energy market and provide details on where current natural gas production stands, as well as whether demand is expected to be high or low.

7. What challenges manufacturers and distributors face, and what they can do to overcome them  Larry Kaye of Script International will share how cooperation between both the manufacturer and the dealer can lead to a pipeline of revenue for both parties.

8. What challenges lie ahead for manufacturers  Industry leaders will share their perspectives on such issues as the political landscape, cybersecurity, workforce development and the speed of technological change.

9. What key drivers are behind the utility market  The C Three Group's Jean Reaves Rollins will provide an analysis of the utility segment, including distribution and transmission forecasts from 2017 market data.

10. What issues are impacting dealers' businesses most directly  Distributors will disclose their firsthand experiences and insights on these issues, and how improving products and services are helping better meet customers' needs.

11. Why increasing the supply of the skilled workforce is such a growing challenge for the equipment industry  An initiative innovator, a manufacturer and a dealer will share their perspectives on how to most effectively address this issue of critical importance.

12. What returns and impacts manufacturers should expect from mobile field service  Ray Thomas of MSI Data will share a case study that indicates how being equipped with the latest in technology ensures a competitive edge and repeat customers, given that the performance of field service programs can be a major driver of both revenue and profits.

13. How Industry 4.0 is impacting the construction industry  McKinsey & Company's Srikant Inampudi will further define Industry 4.0 and provide examples of both manufacturers and dealers capturing value from the trends of machine connectivity, advanced analytics and automation. 

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This year’s AEM/AED Forum: Drivers of the Industry event will be held at the Loews Chicago O'Hare Hotel.

AEM members should visit the event registration page, click “Register for this event,” log in with their email address and password (if they have one), or click “New Visitor Registration” to register for the site. In addition, AEM has set up a coupon code for its members to register at the AED member rate. The code is: AEM17-EXEC.