Supporting transportation logistics and waterworks projects are two priorities for Brazil's national development bank BNDES, according to its new president Maria Silvia Bastos Marques.

"We will focus on infrastructure. The country needs to boost its logistics infrastructure," Marques was quoted as saying by local media, highlighting much needed investments in roads, ports and railways.

Waterworks is another sector deserving attention, and the bank is reportedly in talks with Rio de Janeiro interim governor Francisco Dornelles regarding a concession for basic water and sanitation services.


During Marques' swearing-in ceremony, finance minister Henrique Meirelles said the vevelopment bank should be more than just a financier for critical projects.

Meirelles said that the bank should make use of its technical expertise and know-how by helping with the development of basic plans and executive projects for concessions, PPPs and privatization projects.

He added that the country can overcome its recession by bringing investments back through concessions with the private sector.


Source: BNamericas

Photo: Finance minister Henrique Meirelles (CREDIT: AFP)