Road authority Invias has readied a schedule to tender five projects budgeted at a total of nearly 234bn pesos (US$75.5mn), part of the Colombian government's so-called roads to equality program.

The new projects seek to improve road and river infrastructure in six departments: Magdalena, Córdoba, Sucre, Cauca, Putumayo and Chocó. Colombia's fiscal policies board Confis approved the budget last week.

Invias has published the bidding documents for the Silvia-Totoró (Cauca) and Coveñas-Momil (Sucre-Córdoba) road projects on its website, while those for the Mocoa beltway (Putumayo) and the Ciénaga-Tasajera Y road will be posted by Friday. The dates for the project to improve the Quibdó esplanade (Chocó) will be ready next week, Colombian vice president Germán Vargas Lleras said in a release.

Works include road maintenance, rehabilitation, pavement, and construction of an alternative route.



Work area: 7km

Investment: 18.8bn pesos

Tender rules published May 27

Reception of bids: June 29

Awarding: August 4, 2016



Work area: 20km

Investment: 27.9bn pesos

Tender rules published May 31

Reception of bids: June 18

Awarding: August 23, 2016


Perimetral (beltway) de Mocoa:

Work area: 3.1km

Investment: 9.3bn pesos

Tender rules: June 2

Reception of bids: July 21

Awarding: August 25, 2016


Ciénaga-Tasajera Y road:

Work area: 10km

Investment: 165bn pesos

Tender rules: June 3

Reception of bids: July 26

Awarding: August 30, 2016


Malecón (esplanade) de Quibdó

Works: improving and expanding tourism infrastructure

Investment: 12.3bn pesos

Dates: TBA


The roads to equality program consists of 54 projects to be carried out in 26 departments and 284 municipalities. Twelve of the projects have begun construction.


Source: BNamericas

Photo: The project benefit Cauca department (Invías)