Airline companies are targeting a 1.5% annual fuel efficiency improvement, in line with the industry's goal to cut net aviation CO2 emissions 50% by 2050 from 2005 levels.

"The air industry takes the environment very seriously. In fact, it is the only major industry which has adopted its own set of ambitious targets to reduce emissions," International Air Transport Association (IATA) spokesperson Jason Sinclair told BNAmericas.

A four-pronged approach has been implemented to achieve the targets, Sinclair said. It includes improving technology (deploying sustainable low-carbon fuels), developing more efficient aircraft operations, infrastructure improvements (modernizing air traffic management systems), and a single global market-based measure to fill the remaining emissions gap.

Sinclair added that Chile, Colombia and Ecuador should see the highest passenger growth rates for large markets over the next few years, while Belize, Honduras and Guatemala should grow the most in Latin America.


Source: BNamericas

Photo: Chile's Santiago international airport (CREDIT: AFP)