What good are technical publications if the content contained in them is inaccurate, non-compliant with industry standards, or not in line with a company’s culture of safety?

In order to help technical publication managers write and produce manuals efficiently and effectively, as well as to address a number of concerns related to their efforts to do so, AEM is forming a Technical Publications Committee.

“Our members have expressed significant interest in learning how to best tackle issues faced by their tech pub managers,” said AEM Safety Materials Manager Jaime Vos. “By assembling this committee, AEM is well-positioned to meet their information needs as they relate to service and operating manuals.”

The committee – comprised of dozens of individuals from member companies – will work to address a number of organizational challenges related to technical publications, including

  • Production delays – Constant updates and engineering changes that delay production of manuals necessary to ship products.
  • Asset management – Excessive time and money spent to recreate text and visual assets, as well as manage translations.
  • Style inconsistency – Lack of consistency in voice, presentation and alignment to industry standards.

Other areas of focus for the newly formed Technical Publications Committee will be:

  • Adopting a content management system – Is there a better way to manage product manual assets?
  • Lowering translation costs – When translating content, which path saves the most time and money?
  • Future delivery of technical manuals – What are the trends and challenges as delivery of technical manuals goes digital?

According to Vos, the inaugural meeting of the Technical Publications Committee is slated to take place via conference call in mid-July of 2017. Committee members also plan to organize quarterly calls to share insights and information with one another, and they are expected to meet face-to-face at some point in the fall of 2017, as well as at the 2018 AEM Product Safety & Compliance Seminar.

For more information on the Tech Publications Committee, contact AEM Safety Materials Manager Jaime Vos (jvos@aem.org, tel: 414-298-4135).