By Paul Malek, Director of Membership, AEM

Membership in AEMAre you getting the most out of your involvement in AEM?

Consider for a moment all of the investments your company has made in the course of its history. Whether those investments have been in tools, equipment, materials, employees, or even other companies in the form of acquisitions, the goal is always to secure the highest possible return on those investments. It’s no different with your company’s AEM membership.  

A few years back at the AEM Annual Conference, I was asked to present on the value of an AEM membership to our associate and small business groups, and the sessions drew considerable interest from the companies in attendance. Most of those who were in the audience did not utilize – or were not aware of – all of the services AEM had to offer, and they were certainly not taking advantage of all of the ways their membership could help grow their business. While many benefited from valuable discounts on AEM trade shows and appreciated their time spent at events like the AEM Annual Conference, they missed out on a wealth of other useful services, including advocacy, market intelligence, group participation, statistics, sponsorship opportunities and involvement on industry-related boards and committees.

I encouraged those companies in attendance at the presentations to serve as advocates for recruiting new prospects to join AEM, given everything the association had to offer its members. Following one of the sessions, a representative from one of the member companies responded to my request in the form of the greatest testimonial I’ve ever received. He told me his company’s AEM membership was its competitive advantage, and that he planned to keep it that way by staying quiet about the wealth of benefits that come along with being involved.

So much for enlisting the help of members in AEM’s recruitment process…

In an effort to ensure companies are getting the most out of their membership, AEM recently began tracking how each of its members use all of the association’s services. Based on the findings, a member engagement score is then calculated to accurately determine a company’s level of involvement.

Ultimately, the awareness gained by this engagement score is key to maximizing your investment in an AEM membership. It’s simply not enough to zero in on one or two services and overlook all of the other benefits at your disposal. Get the most you can for your dollar, and make your involvement in AEM your competitive edge.