Everyone likes to get the most value for their money, and that includes our members. That’s why over the past several years, we’ve been hitting the road to tell them more about AEM products and services that they might have overlooked.

We know members often join AEM for a single reason. Sometimes, it’s to take advantage of discounted trade show space. Or it may be to participate in a statistics reporting program. In any case, they may not always be taking full advantage of their membership benefits.

AEM recognized this situation a few years ago and drew up plans for an initiative to inform members about additional AEM products and services that could help them build their businesses and to find out firsthand about their needs.

Regional Events Promote Member Engagement

In 2013, as part of our overall member engagement plan, we launched this initiative through a series of regional member events specifically aimed at increasing member participation in AEM services.

Over the past two and a half years, these events have drawn hundreds of participants from dozens of member companies and proven highly successful in achieving the objectives we set out for them.

Some events have been stand-alone in nature and held at member facilities close to areas where a good number of other members are located. Others have been held in at AEM trade shows, conferences and seminars that members typically attend.

In 2014, AEM held stand-alone regional events in Houston, Toronto, Detroit, and Milwaukee. Events were also held at CONEXPO-CON/AGG, the AEM Annual Conference, and the Product Safety & Compliance and Customer Support seminars.

Along with live online webinars on specific products and services, in 2014 these events reached 745 participants at 417 member companies, or 46 percent of all AEM member firms!

Content, Networking Increase Member Value

Listening to the voice of members, we have continued to improve these events, making them more content-driven for even greater member engagement and offering improved networking opportunities to increase member value.

In addition, we have worked hard to make sure events continue to be conveniently located and take up less than a day of members’ time.

Fast-paced and informative, these half-day sessions offer the following:

  • Live presentations on the latest market trends affecting member businesses
  • Host member insights into how they maximize their AEM membership investment
  • Facility tours
  • Ample time to meet with AEM staff and network with other members
  • A customized report outlining AEM programs and services of specific benefit to members’ companies

“If you are a member, you should attend this,” one member wrote on the evaluation form after AEM’s most recent regional membership session in Omaha. “The event was an excellent overview of AEM services. The Association offers such a breadth of services and support that it was very helpful to gain a better understanding of the value provided.”

Another member stated, “We are looking forward to participating in more of AEM’s programs regarding the product safety-related regulations, issues for mining, and construction equipment.”

And another: “As an associate member, it was very helpful for us to go through this session to better understand how we can participate in AEM and bring value to the association’s members.”

Watch the video below for an overview of the 2015 regional member event program.

Register for Events on May 19 and June 18

So far in 2015, regional events have been held at Sandvik in the Atlanta area and at CLAAS in Omaha. An event was also held at JCB in Savannah, Georgia, for company staff in conjunction with their I Make America event.

Next up are sessions at Vermeer in Pella, Iowa, on May 19 and at Cummins in Columbus, Indiana, on June 18.

Other events are planned at AEM’s Milwaukee headquarters on September 22; in Louisville on September 30 in conjunction with the ICUEE show; andatAEM’s Annual Conference in Miami on November 2.

There’s still plenty of time to register for the Vermeer event on May 19. Click here for registration information. If you are located in central Iowa, we hope to see you there!

These member sessions form the cornerstone of our member engagement initiatives. I hope you and your company take advantage of them.