SpaceCom – the Space Commerce Conference and Exposition – is seeking business leaders and experts from within the equipment manufacturing industry to exhibit, speak and attend sessions on topics such as additive manufacturing, robotics, artificial intelligence, advanced materials and more.

AEM has joined SpaceCom as a partner organization.

SpaceCom will bring together experts from industries like manufacturing, energy, medicine and transportation to explore how space technology and capabilities can have a positive effect on their businesses.

“AEM’s partnership with SpaceCom is in keeping with its mission to be at the forefront of emerging technology and market developments,” said James Causey, SpaceCom executive director. “And space is the next great frontier for equipment manufacturing.”

SpaceCom will be held November 17-19 in Houston, Texas.

Call for Conference Speakers

Conference organizers are looking for speakers with knowledge of advanced manufacturing technologies, such as 3D printing and materials. Interested members should contact Nicole Hallada, AEM chief marketing director (, tel: 414-298-4129).

In addition, as part of AEM’s agreement with SpaceCom, a discount rate is available for AEM members who decide to attend the event and learn what leading-edge NASA technologies could be applied to their manufacturing processes.

SpaceCom will be a highly interactive conference program, coupled with a dynamic trade show floor. The exposition will serve as a catalyst for innovation and growth in the commercial development of space.

Virgin Galactic CEO George Whitesides will offer a keynote address on November 17. Whitesides joins NASA Administrator Charles F. Bolden. Jr. as another featured speaker of the event.

For more information about SpaceCom, the conference program, or to join the mailing, visit