A recent decision by the European Court of Justice will seriously challenge manufacturers doing business (or supplying companies that do business) in the European Union (EU).

The court decided that under EU REACH, the supplier of a product must directly inform the industrial recipient if any component or material in a product, at any level of the supply chain, contains a REACH substance of very high concern (SVHC) with a quantity of >0.1% by weight.

"The supply chains of many enterprises are very complex—just like their products," said John Wagner, AEM director, materials management. "Often, materials are procured in non-EU countries and the suppliers do not know the European REACH regulation."

Wagner noted that as the supply chain also includes a lot of dependencies, the supplier may not be able to provide all the required information and will sign off on customer compliance requests just to keep customers.

Material Data Sheets Help Obtain Information

A major problem, in particular after the decision of the European Court of Justice, is the uniform provision of information about the composition of the products purchased at component or article level. 

As a material compliance tool, HPE CDX can help manufacturers obtain detailed substance information from their suppliers. The workflow-management allows users to quickly and transparently create, incorporate, or forward Material Data Sheets (MDS) to customers and suppliers, while maintaining supply chain identity confidentiality.

With this information, companies are able to see an overview and the details of their product ingredients and filter the product’s content to see what restrictions apply to the substances contained therein.

AEM members who use the HPE CDX tool are eligible to receive a discount that may amount to substantial savings.

For More Information

For more information, contact AEM's John Wagner (jwagner@aem.org, tel: 414-298-4164).