20 questions for AEM Hall of Fame nominatorsThe deadline for submitting a nomination for the AEM Hall of Fame is June 7! Here are 20 questions you should ask yourself while crafting your nomination.


  • What new products/innovations did the nominee help bring to market?
  • What new business processes or models did the nominee originate or contribute to?
  • What improvements did the nominee contribute to existing products or processes?
  • What other industries have been influenced by these innovations?

Industry Contributions

  • How was the life or culture of the industry changed and improved by the nominee?
  • What difference did the nominee make to the whole industry and to the future of the industry? Or, what would the industry have lost if this individual had a different vocation?
  • How has this person been recognized for their contributions to the industry?
  • Did the nominee initiate or contribute to scholarships, the image or reputation of the industry or donate to disaster relief?


  • What was the leadership style of this nominee?
  • How did this individual’s leadership contribute to our quality of life and to the health of the industry?
  • How was his or her leadership demonstrated? Or, what business decisions made by the nominee proved profitable for the company?
  • What evidence is there to show that this person was widely considered a leader within their company or within the industry?

Corporate Citizenship/Social Responsibility

  • How has the nominee articulated his or her company’s understanding of corporate citizenship?
  • What did the nominee’s company do to fulfill the obligations of corporate citizenship?
  • What self-regulatory mechanisms did the nominee put in place at their company?
  • How did this individual’s corporate citizenship contribute to our quality of life and to the health of the industry?


  • What sustainable business processes did the nominee advocate for?
  • What sustainable business practices did the nominee implement?
  • How did the company and/or whole industry benefit from the nominee’s work in sustainability?
  • How did their efforts in the area of sustainability improve the industry’s reputation and/or contribute to our future quality of life?

For More Information

View the AEM Hall of Fame nomination form.

For more information about AEM Hall of Fame or the nomination process, contact AEM’s Jordanne Waldschmidt (jwaldschmidt@aem.org, tel: 414-298-4152).