AEM ExhibitorA common trait of each and every AEM trade show is its dynamic show floor, which serves to showcase industry-leading equipment manufacturers and the best and brightest service vendors, as well as their innovative offerings. Ensuring those exhibitors, who are mostly AEM members, get the optimal value from their investments – as well as have a strong support system within the organization – has led to the creation of a new Exhibitor Engagement Services department within AEM. 

Comprised of four AEM employees, the department provides exhibitors with a resource to help navigate all the tools and information they need to get the most out of their involvement in trade shows, as well as offer them an outlet for their show-related feedback. 

“Our new Exhibitor Engagement Services team is working to be that one-stop shop for exhibitors,” said AEM Director of Exhibitor Engagement Services Mary Bukovic. “Whatever their needs are, our resources are there to help them get the greatest possible return on their investments in our shows and provide the service levels they expect when they call or email AEM.”

Beyond providing superior customer service, ensuring exhibitor expectations and needs are heard, as well as potentially implementing change as a result, the team is looking to improve its communication channels with exhibitors.

“Sometimes it is something as small as an issue with website navigation,” said Bukovic. “Other times, it can be feedback that leads to the development of full-blown outreach or exhibitor training program.”

Exhibitor communication is a priority of great significance for AEM’s new Exhibitor Engagement Services team. While AEM provides a wealth of relevant news and information – including details on housing, registration and operations – via its Exhibitor Insider newsletters for each and every show, Bukovic said frequently answered questions regarding trade shows have been developed. They are available now and are updated continually. In addition, a full webinar training program in both live and on-demand formats that help speak to a number of the exclusive services AEM offers to exhibitors has been created.

In addition, to these new exhibitor touchpoint initiatives, AEM is working to provide exhibitors with increased value-add information about show attendees. These tools will help exhibitors to evaluate the data they are collecting through the lead retrieval system, so as to get the most out of their time and resources spent at shows. Why? Because understanding attendee demographics and behaviors at a show helps exhibitors to measure success beyond just collecting leads. They are able to profile new equipment launches, measure the success of booth experiences/layout and analyze marketing outreach efforts – all to improve the next show’s success.

As it grows, the Exhibitor Engagement Services team is looking to customize its help in meeting exhibitor needs.

“Nothing is one-size-fits-all,” said Bukovic. “For example, if we have a new exhibitor, we’re walking that company through everything with a little more detail than we would with a show veteran. It’s all about personalization.”

For more information, or if you have any show related questions, please call 800-867-6060.