Mexican deputy Mirza Flores Gómez of the left-leaning Movimiento Ciudadano party has called on the governments of Mexico City and the state of Mexico to prioritize the modernization of public transport in the capital.

The finance ministry recently announced more than 11bn pesos (US$586mn) in resources to improve transport and infrastructure in and around Mexico City and improve air quality. Priority should be given to the metro, the BRT system known as Metrobús and the Trolebús trolley bus network, the lawmaker said.

Also, 150mn pesos will go to improving air monitoring stations, as well as loans to purchase hybrid taxis, according to a lower house release.

The resources were announced on July 12 and are for 2016- 18.

The ministry said that financing for the projects will come from development banks Nafin and Banobras, and national infrastructure fund Fonadin.

Flores Gómez said that instead of investing in hybrid taxis, the authorities should improve the metro, Metrobús and Trolebus.

The proposal has been sent to lower house commissions to be studied.


Mexico City's metro has around 5.6mn users a day, Metrobús about 1.1mn and Trolebús some 100,000 users a day.

Mexico City is home to around 20mn people and about 5.5mn vehicles.


Source: BNamericas