AEM’s Ag Latin America Regional Statistics Program continues to expand with the addition of four new programs for hay and forage equipment.

The programs have been published for Brazil and other Latin America (OLA) countries. They are:

Mower, Drum and Disk (FED1)

A mower that employs a series of rotating blade carriers for cutting grass, hay or forage crops. Implements may be mounted or pull-type, driven by farm tractor PTO or hydraulic system. Reporting classifications are by working width in feet.

Mower Conditioner, Rotary Side-Pull or Mounted (FEM1)

A machine powered by an agricultural tractor with power take off (PTO), one that cuts grass, hay or forage crop by means of a series of rotating discs or cylinders, each holding multiple knives. Crop passes through horizontally positioned conditioning rolls, or through rotating flails and the machine deposits the cut and conditioned crop in a swath or windrow on the ground behind the unit. The unit is pulled by the tractor and positioned to operate on only one side of the tractor. Reporting classifications are by cutting width in meters.

Rotary Rakes (FERO)

 A machine pulled by or mounted on an agricultural tractor, either ground drive, driven by the tractor PTO, or by the tractor hydraulics. Primarily used to move crop material from one location to another, generally in a windrow, turning the crop to facilitate the drying and to prepare the crop for final processing. Process consists of one or multiple horizontally positioned rotors with multiple tine bars and tines that sweep cut crop, positioning it into a windrow. Reporting classifications are by number of rotors.

Tedders (FETD)

A machine pulled by or mounted on an agricultural tractor, usually driven by the tractor PTO.  It is primarily used to disperse a swath or windrow of damp material to facilitate faster drying prior to raking. Reporting classifications are by working width in feet.

Participating member companies will receive their respective monthly market share information based on their reported monthly state-level wholesale data (for Brazil) and country-level wholesale data (for OLA) for these products, with back reporting starting January of 2015 through January of 2018. Five companies are currently reporting: AGCO, CNH Industrial, CLAAS, Krone, and Deere & Company. 

Eighteen programs have been launched since December of 2016, including these four programs. The Ag Latin America Statistics Program consists of four separate regional programs: Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, and Other Latin American (OLA) countries. Ten companies participate in these programs, including AGCO, CNH Industrial, CLAAS, Deere & Company, Kubota, Krone, LS Tractor LAM, Mahindra do Brasil, Herder, and Woods/Blount.

For more information on the Latin America Regional Ag Statistics program, contact AEM’s Arnold Huerta (, tel: 414-298-4119) or Rex Sprietsma (, tel: 414-298-4147).

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