AEM has finalized a new 3-year agreement with the primary data processor for its member-critical market statistics program.

The new agreement between AEM and Minneapolis-based Hargrove and Associates, Inc. (HAI) continues a relationship that has been in place since 1990.

“Renewing our partnership with HAI is a critical step for us in not just maintaining, but strengthening this essential member service,” notes Larry Buzecky, AEM’s vice president of business intelligence and strategy. “HAI’s extensive experience with our statistics program and members keeps our confidence level high that we’re delivering a top-notch service to our members. Our partnership is key.”

AEM’s market statistics program provides participating member companies with monthly information they can use for tracking product movement, shifts in trends, forecasting, production and business planning.

“While not the only consideration, our market statistics program is recognized by many members as a key determining factor in their decision to join AEM,” Buzecky said.

AEM’s statistics service currently covers over 200 products both in North America and globally with over 130 parent companies reporting.