AEM Board approves 'first 100 days' letterThe AEM Board of Directors has approved sending a letter to President-elect Donald Trump as part of an aggressive push to promote industry issues in the new administration’s first 100 days.

The letter will be sent during the transition period in order to build momentum for AEM’s policy agenda in 2017 and help shape any major legislative initiatives put forward, such as infrastructure funding and tax reform.

The letter was recommended by the AEM Government & Public Affairs Committee and will be signed by 2016 AEM Chair Leif Magnusson and 2017 AEM Chair Mike Haberman. The Board approved the action at its meeting on November 18th.

The Board also supported the plan for state government advocacy in 2017 and noted that Stephanie See has been hired to the new position of AEM director, state government & industry relations.

Priorities for 2017 include work with contract lobbyists in key states, support of state infrastructure initiatives, state dealer legislation and greater coordination at the state level with the I Make America and Infrastructure Vision 2050 initiatives.

AEM Goals, Budget Approved

The Board approved the proposed 2017 AEM goals based on the Board’s priorities and the long-term objectives of the new Strategic Plan.

The 2017 AEM goals focus on the priorities of:

  1. Advocacy Development
  2. Thought Leadership
  3. Optimize Customer Connections
  4. Driving Data & Digital Direction
  5. Agriculture Leadership
  6. Financials, Membership & Services

Approval was also given for the implementation plan for the new Strategic Plan, including 2017 work plans for the Key Result Area (KRA) initiatives for Advocacy Development, Thought Leadership, Optimize Customer Connections, Driving Data & Digital Direction and Agriculture Leadership.

The Board accepted the 2016 budget results and forecast in the treasurer’s report, including a projected year-end net operating income of $203,000 as compared to a budgeted net of $110,000, and approved the proposed 2017 AEM budget as recommended by the Finance Committee.

The 2017 AEM budget includes a net operating income of $3.4 million along with an investment of $1.7 million for the implementation of the new Strategic Plan.