M2M CommunicationsEfforts involving the Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation (AEF) to advance machine-to-machine communication across European industries are well under way.

AEF is currently working with the Equipment Telecommunications Standard Institute (ETSI) to develop standards for Information and Communication (ICT) systems and services that are used globally. More specifically, AEF is in the process of collaborating with ETSI to develop a standard for machine-to-machine communication between automotive vehicles and agricultural equipment to help warn motorists of slow-moving agricultural equipment on roadways.

“It’s to everyone’s advantage to have these types of machines communicating with one another,” said AEM Technical Director Mark Benishek, referring to automobiles and ag equipment. “We’re thrilled AEF is involved with this project, and it speaks to AEF’s expertise as it relates to machine-to-machine communication in the ag industry.”

ETSI is a leading standardization organization for information and communication technology (ICT) standards fulfilling European and global market needs. The organization brings interested parties from a variety of industries together to establish platforms in an effort to improve cross-sector communications. According to ETSI, these communications aim to be well-defined and appropriate in order to improve safety and security within and between each of the industries.

AEF and a number of other groups recently developed an idea to establish a communication package to warn people driving newer cars with communication centers on them of slow-moving machines on roadways by utilizing wireless networks.

“The tractors and combines of today are already broadcasting information,” said Benishek. “The idea was to address that safety issue by developing communications between automotive networks and ag networks.”

Ultimately, the goal will be to convert AEF communications guidelines into a worldwide standard through the standard oneM2M, developed by ETSI.

For more information, contact AEM Technical Director Mark Benishek (mbenishek@aem.org, tel: 414-298-4118).