AEMAEM and its members work tirelessly on projects and standards that have far-reaching impacts throughout the entire ag industry. As such, it is important to proactively educate the industry as to what is being done are doing to benefit and positively impact safety throughout the marketplace.

One such opportunity occurred at the recent Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association (FEMA) convention in Houston, Texas. An AEM member presented the culmination of this year’s work on two important subjects: the development of an agricultural field equipment braking standard and an illustrative guide to ag lighting and marking.  

Agricultural Field Equipment Braking Standard

An industry working group made up of interested industry companies (AEM and FEMA member companies participating) has meet several times this year to develop a five-part braking standard proposal to be submitted to American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) for approval as a national standard.

The parts of the standard include:

  • General requirements
  • Requirements for agricultural tractors
  • Requirements for self-propelled and special self propelled equipment
  • Requirements for towed equipment
  • Requirements for the interface between towing equipment and towed equipment

The documents will be submitted to ASABE to begin the balloting process in December. 

Illustrated Guide to Ag Lighting and Marking

An AEM committee has developed an Illustrative guide to the ASABE S279.17 standard, upon which the National Agricultural Machinery Illumination Safety Act (which became law on July 6, 2012 and impacts agricultural equipment produced new after June 22, 2017) is based. 

AEM’s committee members worked diligently to translate the standard into pictures that would easily convey what is required. This guide provides a visual representation of the content of the Lighting and Marking Standard and will be considered by ASABE for inclusion as an annex to the formal standard. 

The guide is free to download at the AEM Online Store. Visit

For more information, contact AEM Director of Materials Management John Wagner (, tel: 414-298-4164).