By Nick Yaksich, AEM Senior Vice President, Government and Industry Relations

Equipment manufacturing is a global business, a fact driven home for me by my recent trip to the BICES trade show in China last month.

AEM is often fond of highlighting that we maintain offices in the world capitals of Washington, D.C., Ottawa, Canada and – yes – Beijing, China. Our colleagues in Beijing work tirelessly to ensure that equipment manufacturers can access and navigate one of the world’s biggest (and growing) markets for equipment.

From shaping rules for engine emissions to interpreting tech and safety issues, our staff in Beijing helps equipment manufacturers compete successfully in the Chinese market.

To put it in perspective, according to the International Trade Administration, China was the fourth-largest export market for construction equipment, where U.S.-based equipment manufacturers sold almost $10 billion in product between 2011 and 2015. China is also an important market for agricultural equipment, though government industrial policy is a limiting factor for farm equipment exports.

The importance of the construction market was on full display at the BICES trade show in September. This show offered a tremendous opportunity to bring together the construction equipment industry and showcase our global influence in front of the Chinese market. It also presented a chance to interact with business and government leaders in China, and address some of the market access issues that pose a challenge to some of AEM’s North American members who look to do business in China.

Whether an AEM member is exploring the Chinese market (or is already established there), I would encourage them to utilize the valuable resource that is our AEM China office. Between Kaien Li in our Milwaukee office, who does a great job of connecting people and business opportunities between our two countries, and Amy Wang, Anna Tang and Helen Sun in our Beijing office, equipment manufacturers are poised for success in China.