AEM China Engine Committee seeks clarificationChina will complete the phase-in of its Stage III non-road diesel engine emission regulation on December 1st. Meanwhile, the AEM China Engine Committee continues its efforts to make sure that compliance with the new regulation is as trouble-free as possible.

Phase-in began on October 1, 2015, when all off-road diesel engines manufactured and sold in China were required to be Stage III compliant. Then on April 1 2016, Stage III engines were required in all off-road mobile machines, excluding agricultural machines. On December 1, 2016, all mobile agricultural machines manufactured and sold in China must use Stage III engines. 

The AEM China Engine Committee, representing member companies doing business in China, has worked closely with Chinese regulators throughout the Stage III development and implementation process. Even though the regulation is now final, some administrative questions remain.

One area of focus is the new Environmental Protection Information Disclosure system. A current trial version of the system allows equipment manufacturers to upload engine emission test information and other related equipment information that is required under the new regulation.

According to the newly revised Chinese Law on Prevention and Control of Atmospheric Pollution, manufacturers of non-road mobile machinery are required to submit emission test information for newly manufactured machines/models. Only qualified models can be manufactured and sold, and the related environmental protection information must be publicized.

AEM China Engine Committee members have raised a number of questions about the system, including continuation of small volume exemption, applicable submission organizations, scope of the system and coding rule of the required environmental protection label for each off-road mobile machine.

The committee plans to communicate its questions to the China Vehicle Emission Control Center (VECC) of the Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP), with which it has met officially twice in the past.

For more information, contact Amy Wang in AEM’s China Office (, tel: +86-10-8519-1566).