Ontario Tire RecyclingIn November of 2016, the Resource Recovery and Circular Economy Act was passed by the Ontario legislature shifting the responsibility to recycle tires to “producers,” which includes original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) or any other entities that introduce tires into the Ontario market, such as the importer of record.

The law requires producers to be individually responsible to ensure the recovery of 75 percent (by weight) of the tires they introduce into the Ontario market and that 75 percent of those tires recovered, are recycled. This recovery responsibility may be contracted to a third party or handled by the organization placing the tires in the market.

All producers are required by law to have their solutions operational by Jan. 1, 2019. They are also required to register with the Ontario Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority (RPRA) or have their Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) do so on their behalf, by June 1, 2018. This authority manages the process.

The RPRA will require producers to be able to answer the following questions:

  • How many tires (by weight) have you shipped into Ontario?
  • How many tires (by weight) have you managed through an end-of-life supply chain (collection, hauling, processing, remanufacturing)?
  • If and when asked, can you verify by providing a supporting audit trail?

To comply with this regulation, producers must either:

1. Manage the process themselves by establishing a verifiable system to collect, haul, and process the used tires, or

2. Subcontract diversion and verification services to an existing PRO

AEM has hosted several webinars and developed an FAQ document that is available as an AEM member resource on the AEM webpage devoted to this topic.

View these resources here.

For more information, contact AEM Director of Materials Management John Wagner (jwagner@aem.org, tel: 414-298-4164).

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