Ontario Tire RequirementsCanada’s province of Ontario is implementing a new law that will place significant new obligations on companies to dispose of used tires throughout the product’s lifecycle.

The new law affects all AEM member companies who sell, distribute or manufacture tires in Ontario, as well as AEM members who sell, distribute or manufacture products using tires in Ontario.

The Resource Recovery and Circular Economy Act of 2016 establishes “producer” responsibility for diverting spent tires from the waste stream. In a move unique to the province of Ontario, the law places the burden on manufacturers to account for the recycling of every tire at the end of its lifecycle.

The law takes effect on Jan. 1, 2019 and enacts significant, new compliance requirements on companies.

Companies may fulfill the obligations on their own, or use a Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) to manage tracking, collection, recycling and government reporting requirements. Several industry PROs are forming to help companies fulfill the law’s forthcoming requirements.

AEM strongly advises all member companies doing business in Ontario to consider working with a PRO. Failing to comply with the new law will result in fines and a possible sales ban.

AEM continues to meet with regulators in Ontario highlighting our industry’s concerns. As the regulatory process continues, AEM will provide additional information. For further information, click here or contact AEM Director of International & Regulatory Affairs Alex Russ (aruss@aem.org, tel: 202 898-9064).