AEM Annual ConferenceBy Al Cervero, AEM Senior Vice President of Technology, Content and Revenue Creation  — 

Let me tell you a secret about today, tomorrow and the year ahead of us – and how it all ties into the 2022 AEM Annual Conference.

In past years, our Annual Conference has featured forward-thinking experts speaking on timely and relevant topics such as artificial intelligence, 5G value capability, the first 3D-printed car, AR/VR and many other cutting-edge industry trends. These trends, at the time, were firmly on the cusp of making a transformative impact on the equipment manufacturing industry and the customers it serves.

Accessing information, ideation and looking into research on these industry trends are all worthy endeavors. But they’re also just the first of many steps you need to take to ensure a bright future for yourself, your company and your industry. In fact, the secret to fostering disruptive change and overcoming adversity is rooted in ideas and implementing them effectively and efficiently so you can solve customer’s challenges.

That’s why this year’s theme for the AEM Annual Conference is “Braving the Elements.” Because, ultimately, the adversarial “elements” we are dealing with as an industry have never been more challenging than they are today. We have new and developing technology to implement. Customer expectations have never been higher. Social demands are at front and center of just about everything.

These are the drivers of tomorrow (and the tomorrow after tomorrow). To further complicate matters, the impact of these drivers, and how they should be approached, often differ greatly from one company to another.

AEM recently engaged in a massive member-led initiative to identify 23 of the most significant trends that are poised to impact agriculture and construction in the years to come, as part of our ongoing efforts to take an active role in both examining and shaping an industry vision for the future of food production and future of building. While these trends (and their effects on AEM members and their customers) are noteworthy, it’s clear many other important drivers are on the horizon as well.

No matter what trend we happen to be discussing, though, questions related to Who, Where, Why, Which and How always come up, and they aren’t very easily answered. So, and this almost goes without saying, you’re going to need some help when it comes to “Braving the Elements.” That’s why it’s critically important for you to invest the time and effort to talk to, and network with, your peers at the AEM Annual Conference.

There is no shortage of reasons why it’s important to be in attendance this year. The AEM Annual Conference is the only thought leadership meeting for folks in ag, construction, forestry, mining and utility equipment industries. This year’s event features:

  • Ample networking opportunities with leaders from roughly 200 companies
  • Key insights and informed perspectives from thought leaders, researchers and industry experts
  • A keynote presentation from Arthur Brooks, a Harvard Business School professor and author, who is renowned for his ability to help professionals embrace their inner strength and find success in the latter portions of their careers and lives
  • A presentation from Stanford Director Jeremy Utley, who will discuss the strategies and tactics to help transform knowledge into decision-making and, ultimately, action.
  • An appearance by Princess Sarah Culberson, who will provide insights on how diversity sparks innovation.
  • Valuable insights from Ganesh Iyer, president and CEO of Etnyre International, who will tackle the topic of conscious capitalism.

Our AEM Annual Conference is not just an education opportunity. It’s more than a networking event with great food and fine wine. It’s designed to be a company-changing experience that arms you with the tools and strategies you need for “Braving the Elements,” both tomorrow and the tomorrow after tomorrow. Ultimately, however, it will be on you to take advantage those opportunities and put them to work within your own organizations.

I look forward to seeing you in Napa this November.

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There’s no better place for the equipment manufacturing industry to assess and prioritize the elements impacting the future of the equipment manufacturing industry  – and understand how all of them can be used to their advantage – than the 2022 AEM Annual Conference. Scheduled for Nov. 16-18, 2022, at the Meritage Resort and Spa in Napa, California, this year’s event will bring together industry peers for three days of valuable networking, industry perspectives and educational opportunities. Register now.

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