By Anita Sennett, AEM Senior Director, Agriculture


In spite of tumultuous politics and changing policies, it’s a global marketplace. And the more insights and perspectives you have from the countries with whom you’re doing business, the better your opportunities are for success.

To that end, AEM helped to establish the Agrievolution Alliance, a coalition of ag equipment manufacturing organizations representing 15 world regions: Brazil, China, the European Union, France, Germany, India, Iran, Italy, Japan, Korea, Russia, Spain, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States. AEM acts as Secretariat, helping to drive the group’s initiatives.

Obviously, there are huge differences in agricultural practices and technologies among the Alliance countries. While we here in the U.S. are grappling with ownership and processing of big data, farmers in other world regions are challenged to mechanize their operations with tractors. Even the very definition of “tractors” itself is subjective, depending on where in the world you are located.

But in spite of our many differences, the Alliance members truly all have the same priorities and are facing many of the same issues. What each Alliance organization really wants is to better serve its member companies. That goal is accomplished by advocating for global sustainable mechanization in agriculture with the strength of one unified voice. In addition, the Alliance provides its collective member companies with critical global insights through unique data sets and product-specific market data.

Unique Global Data Sets

Product-specific market data is available to companies who participate in the Agrievolution Statistics Program. This data exchange has been around for over 40 years and currently covers global shipments of tractors, combines, forage harvesters and balers. The statistics on market share and market opportunities is invaluable. And over time, the historical picture of cycles and trends becomes an instrumental planning tool.

Index data derived from these data exchanges is available to all Alliance member companies (which means all AEM member companies). Each quarter, Alliance associations publish to their member companies the worldwide indeces for tractor, combine, forage harvester and baler shipments. This exclusive data cannot be found elsewhere.

The Alliance also offers “softer” data based on the gut instincts and insights of ag manufacturing executives around the globe. The bi-annual Agrievolution Business Barometer includes informative nuggets such as:

  • As of May, 2019, the majority of industry executives surveyed in Brazil, Russia and China anticipated sales increases over the next six months. Executives in Turkey expect decreases, and the rest of the world anticipated no change.
  • Government programs in Russia and China are having a strong positive impact on demand for agriculture machinery. The U.S. and Turkey cite no positive impact from governmental programs, and the remaining countries noted that while programs do have a positive impact, they are inadequate.
  • Obtaining credit has become more difficult for farmers in Turkey and Brazil in the last few months, with no real changes in ease of obtaining credit in the rest of the world.

Executives from all Alliance member companies are invited to participate in the Agrievolution Business Barometer survey and receive the results. A pared down public version is available to those who don’t participate. Some of this data is also shared at Agrievolution Summits.

Summits are hosted by Agrievolution Alliance members around the world, bringing together ag equipment manufacturing executives, progressive farmers, NGOs, government officials and other stakeholders to gain regional insights from local executives and academics as well as a global perspective from industry experts brought in by the Alliance members from around the world.

Specialty crop mechanization and workforce challenges will be the focus of the upcoming Seventh World Summit for Agriculture Machinery being held this October in Spain. A day of industry expert speakers at the Ministry of Agriculture in Madrid will be followed by a field demo day in Valencia for hands on learning. The roughly 175 participants expected at the event will have multiple opportunities to connect and build relationships with peers from around the globe.

Advocating Worldwide


The Alliance advocates for all of its collective 6,000-plus ag equipment manufacturing member companies. Alliance members take every opportunity to promote the importance of mechanization in global sustainable agriculture to their government leaders and legislators. Through personal meetings, collaboration with organizations like World Bank and Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), and at global events including its own above-mentioned Summit, the group works to spread the message and connect government officials, NGOs and manufacturers.

The cultural, political and agricultural diversity among the world regions represented by the Agrievolution Alliance provides a truly global perspective. Alliance member companies benefit from the insights gleaned from this unique collaboration. And as the industry as a whole looks to navigate both the challenges and opportunities the future brings, the Alliance will continue to embrace its role as the global, unified voice of agriculture equipment manufacturers.

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