The current downturn in the ag equipment industry does not translate into losses across the board, attendees at a recent regional membership meeting were told.

“Various industry segments, most notably tractors under 100 horsepower, are still growing due to profitability in landscaping services, livestock, spraying, and so on,” AEM Market Intelligence Director Benjamin Duyck told meeting participants.

“It is production ag that is suffering the most,” he said.

“While we might be facing a short-term downturn in the ag sector, our future is secure as an ever-growing world population with increasing dietary needs requires more output and increased farmland productivity,” Duyck pointed out.

Meanwhile, the construction industry continues to grow and drive demand for construction equipment, Duyck said.

“Where we might see a slowdown in residential growth, we will see a pick-up in other segments such as non-residential in the medium term and infrastructure in the long term,” he said.

Cummins Session Set for June 18

The regional membership meeting was held May 19 at Vermeer Corporation in Pella, Iowa.

The event was part of an enhanced meeting strategy that offers attendees more value-added content and improved opportunities for networking and discussion.

The next regional membership meeting is set for June 18 at Cummins Inc. in Columbus, Indiana.

For more information, contact AEM Membership Director Paul Malek (, tel: 414-298-4153).