Growing member interest in land clearing and reduction products has resulted in the launch of a Stump Cutters statistics program by AEM.

The first report was sent to participating companies in the program on July 5. Stump cutters remove tree stumps by means of a rotating cutting disc that chips away the wood.

The program reports monthly shipments in three separate size classes, by state in the United States, and by province in Canada. The initial report included monthly data going back to January 2015, allowing manufacturers to see year-over-year totals and monthly trends.

Morbark, Toro and Vermeer are reporting into the program initially, with the anticipation of additional participants based upon ongoing recruitment efforts. 

The Stump Cutters program joins three related programs offered by AEM: Brush (hand fed) Chippers, Whole Tree (mechanically fed) Chippers, and Horizontal Grinders.

For more information about joining the Stump Cutters statistics program, contact AEM’s Debbie Carson (, tel: 414-298-4146).