Canadian officialsCanada’s Minister of International Trade Diversification Jim Carr met with AEM officials and a dozen leading Canadian equipment manufacturers this week to discuss the top public policy issues facing the industry. The meeting took place at MacDon Industries Ltd. in Winnipeg, Canada, and included a tour of MacDon’s approximately 900,000 square-foot manufacturing plant.

Minister Carr delivered formal remarks on the key trade policy issues facing Canada, as well as Canadian manufacturers and farmers before engaging in 30-minute Q&A with industry representatives. Additional issues addressed included the impact of ongoing international trade disputes and tariffs, the United-States-Mexico-Canada (USMCA), rural broadband deployment, workforce development, and international finance programs.

Representing the equipment manufacturing industry were Ken Ross, President of MacDon Industries Ltd., Gene Fraser, vice president of global sales and marketing for MacDon Industries Ltd, Kurt Buhler vice president of operations for MacDon Industries Ltd., Kiera Young, vice president of product development for MacDon Industries Ltd, Mike Friesen, president and owner of Elmer’s Manufacturing, Grant Adolph, chief operating officer of Buhler Industries, Inc., Kelly Goosen, executive vice president and Mike Palitsky, chief finance officer of K-Tec Earthmovers. Also in attendance was Member of Parliament in the House of Commons of Canada Mr. Doug Eyolfson.

"We were honored to have Minister Carr visit MacDon and provide him with a chance to learn about some of the important policies impacting equipment manufacturers here in Manitoba and across Canada," said Gene Fraser, vice president of global sales and marketing for MacDon. "We had a good conversation around our industry issues and feel that everyone walked away with knowing what we would like for policy improvements for the good of our industry and the Canadian economy. With AEM's leadership here in Canada, we look forward to joining with other equipment manufacturers to make sure our government officials understand what policies matter the most to us."

AEM continues to advocate for public polices beneficial for equipment manufacturers in Canada. If you would like to learn more or become engaged in our industry’s efforts, please contact AEM’s Alex Russ at or (202) 898-9006.

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