ULSDTillage season has arrived and the farming industry is once again busy planting its numerous crops.

With that in mind, AEM would like to take this opportunity to remind its members to always promote the idea that, when farmers operate heavy equipment, safety should always come first.

Many newer agricultural machines are equipped with high-efficiency engines that reduce air pollution. In complying with EPA regulations, these engines require ULSD or Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel. While this fuel greatly reduces emissions, it also requires special precautions when fueling. 

AEM has produced a Best Practices Guidance Bulletin concerning ULSD, which can be found here. 

This bulletin outlines many important points to be aware of when handling Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel.

These include:

  • EPA Regulation Overview for Clean Air Diesel
  • EPA Suggested Diesel Fuel Pump Labels
  • Important Changes in Diesel Fuel Formulation
  • Basic Bonding and Grounding when Fueling
  • The Risk of Static Electricity during Refueling

It’s critically important for AEM members to remind their customers that, before operating any type of machinery, always refer to the manufacturer's original operating manual to ensure proper safety practices of the specific equipment. Additional precautions may be necessary depending on the equipment.

To see AEM's complete line of safety materials, please visit: www.safetymaterials.org.

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