JTLMThe annual Joint Technical Liaison Meeting (JTLM) is set to run from July 12 to Sept. 10, 2021. The event consists of roughly 60 industry experts from around the world presenting on regulatory, standards and compliance information from their areas of expertise with attendees, followed by question-and-answer sessions and networking opportunities.

During normal years, the meeting has been hosted in North America, Asia and Europe on a rotating basis by the various construction equipment trade associations that comprise the JTLM’s membership:

  • AEM representing North America
  • CEMA representing Japan
  • KOCEMA representing the Republic of Korea
  • CECE representing Europe
  • ICEMA representing India
  • CMEIG representing Australia
  • CCMA representing China

Due to the ongoing travel uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the JTLM member trade associations decided to cancel the in-person event for 2020 and 2021, moving to a virtual-only format. AEM successfully hosted the 2020 JTLM on the association's external SharePoint site. Presenters provided nearly 60 presentations, with over 200 different individuals registered to participate on the site. While the in-person experience is always preferred, the information shared on the site provided useful information regarding the ever-evolving global compliance environment that regulatory professionals need to keep their companies up-to-date. 

In 2021, CEMA will host the event using AEM’s new external Microsoft Teams platform. The event is scheduled to run from July until early September, with the first half of the event involving presentation uploads, public review periods and submission of questions to the relevant presenters. The second half of the event will consist of presenters, and their respective trade associations, providing detailed answers, clarifications and additional content as required.

Participation in the 2021 JTLM is free for all AEM members. To participate, or for more information, contact AEM's Jason Malcore at jmalcore@aem.org.

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