AEM continues its work to push the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) across the finish line. With Congress getting ready to head back home for August recess, AEM has been hitting the Hill and rallying our grassroots supporters to build momentum for USMCA ratification.

Much of that work is starting to pay off. For example, just this week a working group of congressional Democrats negotiating with U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer met to discuss Democratic concerns. POLITICO’s Megan Cassella writes that they’ll meet with Lighthizer again next week “to discuss enforcement of the agreement, which House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has called the ‘overarching’ issue that must be addressed before Democrats will consider the deal.”

And in the Washington Post, Vice President Mike Pence wrote an op-ed on the issue, writing how urgent it is for Congress to update NAFTA and ratify USMCA. “That outdated trade deal has hurt middle-class Americans, stifled innovation and left entire communities shuttered as jobs and opportunity have moved south of the border. The USMCA will fix NAFTA’s problems and accomplish much more.”

To help get us here, AEM has led the way by urging for USMCA ratification on multiple fronts.

Over the first half of the year, AEM held over 45 meetings with congressional offices to discuss the importance of USMCA for the equipment manufacturing industry. Leveraging our industry’s broad geographical footprint, AEM also participates with national business coalitions such as the USMCA Coalition through its lobby days, meetings, and other events.

It was with the USMCA Coalition that AEM and many others participated in a July 10 USMCA Grassroots and Social Media Day of Action. Millions of advocates, organizations, and businesses across the country mobilized online and on Capitol Hill to tell Congress why USMCA ratification is so important and critically urgent. Equipment manufacturers can help continue the push online by engaging on social media using #USMCANow and by heading over to I Make America now to take part in our ongoing grassroots campaign.

Finally, just a few days ago AEM’s Kip Eideberg joined Fox Business News’ After the Bell to discuss the benefits of USMCA for equipment manufacturers with host Shane McConnell. Click on the image to the right to watch part of his interview and retweet it on Twitter.

Moving forward AEM will continue to stay at the forefront, urging for USMCA’s ratification, and find ways to continue to get AEM members involved. As always, if you have any questions about AEM’s work on advocacy, please contact Alex Russ at

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