What keeps tech pub managers up at night?Do you lose sleep thinking about your service and operating manuals? AEM may have a solution.

A full track of problem-solving sessions for members who write and produce technical publications will be offered at AEM’s 2017 Product Safety & Compliance Seminar (PS&CS), set for April 24-26 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Highlighting the track will be a panel discussion, “What Keeps You Up at Night?” moderated by Ken Cook, president and CEO of Ken Cook Co

Cook said panelists will address the top concerns faced by tech pub managers, including:

  • Production Delays – Constant updates and engineering changes that delay production of manuals needed to ship products.
  • Asset Management – Excessive time and money spent to recreate text and visual assets and manage translations.
  • Style Inconsistency – Lack of consistency in voice, presentation and alignment to industry standards.

He said panelists will provide tips on how they solved or overcame these challenges and others.

Other sessions in the tech pub track include:

  • Adopting a Content Management System – Is there a better way to manage your product manual assets?
  • Translations: Lowering Your Costs – When translating content, which path saves the most time and money?
  • Future Delivery of Technical Manuals – What are the trends and challenges as delivery of technical manuals goes digital?

In addition, a technical publications “networking roundtable” will be one of eight to be held on April 24 starting at 1 p.m.

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The 2017 PS&CS will be held April 24-26. The Product Liability Seminar will follow on April 27.

Register now at www.aem.org/safetyseminar.

For more information on the Product Safety & Compliance and Product Liability seminars, contact Nathan Burton, AEM technical and safety services manager (nburton@aem.org, tel: 414-298-4126).