By Al Cervero, AEM Senior Vice President – Construction, Mining and Utility

AEM AnnualTrends, technologies and foresights have been the key to success in our industry these last few years, and no doubt will be key for your company to remain a significant player in the future. 

They are not just for construction or agriculture, but rather for all industries and all types of organizations – manufacturers, service providers, associations and government. And we’ve kept that fact at the forefront of our minds as we’ve planned the AEM Annual Conference and our regional Thinking Forward events.

What Technology Can Do For You

We hear so much about technology these days – whether it’s artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G, sensors, or something else altogether. However, what’s important to remember is how the technology is applied, not simply that your company uses digitization to connect or formulate business decisions. We at AEM try to focus on how technology can enhance your business model, improve efficiency and allow for you to better focus on your customers’ needs – and we do so within the auspices of the ag and construction industries, not in a generic sense.  

This year’s Annual Conference planning efforts serve to incorporate and illustrate the growing importance of connecting trends and the “technology” of IoT, 5G and AI to two things:

1. New start-up businesses coming into the industry that are focused on using the technology for solutions

2. Research of your customers’ pain points

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Better Meeting Customer Needs

Our planning also sought to emphasize the importance of not only identifying customer pain points from extensive research, but also to understand how new models (using both the latest technological advances and social culture) can change in order to address and improve customer experiences.

The unique purpose of AEM’s Annual Conference is not just to offer you an opportunity to “look around the corner” and leverage the vastness of the industries we serve to draw high-caliber companies in to provide insights, but also to hear a variety of member viewpoints on these tools, solutions and trends through both the component group and the OEM. In addition, this year we’ve added a components panel to drive home the importance of what’s found inside the machines of today, as it may be more valuable than ever in driving data for improvements.

However, the main focus of the AEM Annual Conference is “mega trends,” which drive what is happening all around us. Then we move on to the technology, which makes things possible, and finally, we focus on how to better understand how our customers see their world. Insights to be gained may also allow us to see how our customers want to see the world change, advancements in technology, and demographic culture shifts poised to make an impact in the not-too-distant future.

‘Follow The Yellow Brick Road’

What we have planned for the AEM Annual Conference should give you much to think about, both in 2019 and beyond. And in an effort to make the next phase of your strategic thinking and decision-making about tomorrow easier, we are live-streaming the entire conference. That way, when an attendee returns home from the event, he or she can connect with colleagues who have experienced the learning virtually.

Start-ups, mega trends, and AI, oh my! This Yellow Brick Road is definitely filled with high thinking and a heart of passion, and it requires courage to accelerate the pace of adoption. So consider visiting this year’s AEM Annual Conference Emerald City in Palos Verdes, California, and see the many wizards of technology and the industry.

And yes, we will be in L.A., so movie analogies all around.

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