Would reports showing ag equipment shipments by ZIP code help members in their marketing efforts?

That’s what AEM’s Ag Sector Board would like to know.

The Ag Sector Board has asked AEM staff to provide a one-page summary for member companies to use in evaluating both the expense and the ROI of reporting ag equipment shipments down to the ZIP code or postal code level.

Currently in the U.S. and Canada, product shipments are reported down to the county level or census division, respectively.

Because there are many more ZIP codes and postal codes than counties or census divisions, reporting shipments by ZIP code or postal code would provide another means of evaluating and viewing the market.

While having this additional information would provide a more detailed view the market, there are several concerns:

  • If this were a requirement, would it impose an undue burden in both time and money for reporting companies to change their systems?
  • How would future audits and revisions be handled in addition to the administration involved with tracking all the changes to the approximately 55,000 ZIP codes in the U.S. and over 861,000 postal codes in Canada?
  • Might this level of reporting actually be a detriment to recruiting participants into the Ag programs, especially to smaller manufacturers who might like to join?

AEM staff will report back to the sector board on these concerns.

For further information, contact Rex Sprietsma, AEM director, statistics and market information (rsprietsma@aem.org, tel: 414-298-4147).