Engine Emissions Regulations

  • China Non-Road IV (NR IV), HJ 1014 - 2020 - Pollutant emissions control technical requirements of non-road diesel mobile machinery. December 28, 2020.   Members only.
  • GB 36886-2018: Limits and Measurement Methods for Exhaust Smoke from Non-Road Mobile Machinery Equipped with Diesel Engine.    Members only.
  • China Nonroad Stage IV Regulatory Meeting Webinar - Due to regulatory updates, some portions of the NR-4 webinar are no longer accurate. To avoid dissemination of misinformation, the webinar is no longer available.
  • Annex, China Non-Road IV (NR IV), GB 20891 - 2014 - Amendment Sheet of Limits and Measurement Methods for Exhaust Pollutants from Diesel Engines of Non-Road Mobile Machinery (China Stages III, IV) (GB 20891-2014). December 28, 2020.   Members only.
  • Final China NR III, GB 20819-2014 - Limits and measurement methods for exhaust pollutants from diesel engines of non-road mobile machinery (CHINA III, IV). May 16, 2014.   Members only.

China Monthly Compliance Report