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Group Leadership

AEM Chair
Jeffrey R. Reed
Reed International/VSS Macropaver

Vice Chair
Steven W. Berglund
Trimble Inc.

Ag Chair
Jerry Johnson
Blount International, Inc.

CE Chair
Rod Schrader
Komatsu America Corp.

Todd H. Stucke
Kubota Tractor Corporation

Staff Liasion
Dennis J. Slater
Association of Equipment Manufacturers

AEM Staff Contact

Dennis Slater
President | 414-298-4140

Wanda Sova
Executive Assistant | 414-298-4168


The AEM Board of Directors has the following responsibilities:

  • Mission: Determine the strategic direction of the Association, including services, activities and programs.
  • Finance/Budget: Determine the financial objectives, including AEM exhibitions and reserves. Approve the AEM budget based on recommendations from the Sector Boards and Finance Committee. Monitor and direct the AEM budget and investments.
  • Trade Show Budgets: Set guidelines for budget objectives. Approve recommendations from Sector Boards.
  • Membership: Enhance the level of membership engagement and value of services to members. Determine the scope and eligible member products allowed in Association membership. 
  • Services (in General): Determine the scope and strategic objectives for services and other activities. Manage the direction and issues, leaving the tactics to planning committees and staff. Review and approve recommendations from the Sector Boards and Board-level Committees.
  • Services – Global Public Policy: Set the strategic direction and objectives for AEM advocacy/public policy. Approve the overall GPAC plan to achieve AEM strategic objectives.
  • Services – Technical/Safety: Determine the scope and strategic objectives for technical and safety services.
  • Services – Market Information/Intelligence: Determine the scope and strategic objectives for market information and intelligence, including statistical programs.
  • Services – Exhibitions: Determine the scope and strategic objectives for exhibitions.
  • Annual Conference: Oversee the objectives, format, locations and budget with staff.
  • Education: Develop, implement and direct the education objectives, programs, and results.
  • Personnel & Administration: Review personnel and administrative issues, including the activities of the Compensation Committee.
  • Leadership: Elect the Association Officers. Fill vacancies on the AEM Board and Officer positions based on recommendations of the Nominating Committee.
  • Bylaws: Interpret, implement and recommend changes to the Association bylaws.
  • Advocacy: Support of AEM advocacy is an important role of Directors serving on the AEM and Sector Boards. Directors are encouraged to actively support the AEM I Make America activities and contribute to AEMPAC.


  • The AEM Board of Directors is led by the AEM Chair.
  • The Chair position is elected by the AEM Board of Directors annually in November and serves a one-year term.
  • A Vice Chair is elected by the AEM Board of Directors annually in November and serves a one-year term.
  • The AEM Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, CE Chair, and Ag Chair are the elected volunteer Officers of the Association.
  • The AEM President serves as the Association Secretary, which is an Officer position.


  • The AEM Board consists of 20 Directors based on the governance structure approved in 2011 and implemented in 2012.
  • The AEM Board will represent a cross-section of the AEM membership.
  • The AEM Board composition should contribute to the Association's stated objective to improve diversity of our volunteer leadership.
  • Representatives from all member categories are eligible to serve on the Board of Directors, provided the total number of representatives from the Component and Service member categories does not exceed four.
  • Five of the “Top 10” member dues payers for the prior calendar year should be represented on the AEM Board.
  • Only full-time employees of members can serve on the AEM Board of Directors.
  • Only one Director is allowed from each “dues payer.”

Director Profile

  • AEM seeks top or high-level executives from member companies to serve, with an emphasis to recognize the need to improve the Board's diversity (race, ethnicity, gender, age and background).
  • The AEM Board profile should reflect the overall composition of the Whole Good, Portable, Components and Services member categories eligible to serve as Directors, per the AEM bylaws.


  • The AEM Board meets in person three times annually in March, July/August and November.
  • It may also meet by conference call as needed in preparation for the in-person meetings or to address a specific issue.