CE Sector Board


The CE Sector Board provides the strategic and operational direction for the construction equipment (CE) sector of AEM, serving as the advocate for CE members in the Association.


  • Determine the strategic direction of the Association for the CE industry sector, including all services, activities and programs.
  • Manage the direction and issues for CE related services, leaving the tactics to the planning committees and staff.
  • Provide guidance to staff in the implementation of CE services, activities and programs.
  • Identify, develop and deliver industry position statements on behalf of the Association to represent the interests of CE members and the CE industry sector.
  • Review and approve recommendations for new services and activities from members, staff and planning committees for the CE industry sector, submitting these recommendations to the AEM Board of Directors for approval.
  • Determine the scope of eligible products and services for CE membership.
  • Support for and active engagement in AEM’s grassroots, state, and federal advocacy efforts is an important part of the roles and responsibilities of Directors serving on the AEM And Sector Boards. Directors are also strongly encouraged to make a voluntary contribution between $500 and $1,000 to AEMPAC on an annual basis and support fundraising efforts through in-kind donations and participation in ongoing fundraising activities.
  • Support AEM’s efforts to increase diversity, equity and inclusion across the organization.

2024-2025 Priorities

  • Advocate for the construction industry and proactively engage with policy makers and regulators.
  • Support the transformation of the construction industry, recognizing the central role played by technology. 
  • Define the changing experience and address the evolving needs of construction industry end users and stakeholders. 


  • The CE Sector Board is led by the CE Chair of AEM. The position serves as an Officer of the Association and is elected annually by the AEM Board of Directors in November.
  • CE Chairs typically serve two one-year terms.
  • A Vice Chair is nominated by the Nominating Committee, elected by the AEM Board and is an elected member of the CE Sector Board. The Vice Chair will serve in the absence of the CE Chair to run meetings or represent the Association at events.


  • The CE Sector Board consists of 20 members who are elected by the membership at the Annual Business Meeting each November.
  • The CE Sector Board shall represent a cross-section of the CE membership in AEM, including Whole Good, Portable Equipment, Component and Service members and the various dues categories.
  • Only full-time employees of members can serve on the CE Sector Board.
  • Only one CE Sector Board Director is allowed from each “dues payer.”

 Director Profile

  • AEM seeks top or high-level executives from member companies, including the mining and utility sectors, to serve, with an emphasis on diversity of race, ethnicity, gender, age and background along with diversity of product groups.
  • CE Sector Board Directors will be considered by the Nominating Committee for selection as candidates to serve on the AEM Board of Directors.


  • The CE Sector Board will meet in person three times annually in conjunction with the meetings of the AEM Board of Directors.
  • It may also meet virtually as needed in preparation for the in-person meetings or to address a specific issue.
Group Leadership

CE Chair

Eric Sauvage


Vice Chair

Erica Baird

Cummins Inc.

AEM Staff Contact

John Somers

Vice President, Construction & Utility Sector


Sara Feuling

Senior Director, Construction