Group Leadership

Jason Andringa
Vermeer Corporation

Vice Chair
Mike Haberman
Alamo Group

AEM Staff Contact

Nicole Hallada
Senior Vice President, Exhibitions & Marketing | 414-298-4129

Brittany Weltcheff
Project Manager & World of Asphalt Show Manager | 414-298-4109



The objective is to imagine the future of exhibitions and AEM’s role in that future. Together a mix of member leadership, attendees and imagineers outside the industry will recommend to the AEM Board the vision for what a first-class, defensible event needs to be to deliver maximum ROI to exhibitors and attendees.


  • Take into consideration multiple trends and disruptions to identify the high-level features and benefits an AEM exhibition needs to drive to, stretching out 10 years.
  • Discuss trends, for example:
    • The outlook and trends for exhibitions and events.
    • AEM exhibitions: Where they are positioned today.
    • Data and trends from current shows.
    • Behavioral trends pertinent to events.
    • Marketing trends.
    • Drivers of change in end-user segments, for example, the buyer’s journey.
    • Drivers of change in the manufacturing industry, for example, discussing how the shift of OEMs going from machines to service companies will change exhibitor needs/show floor. What can we do to market services over equipment in the future?

2022 Priorities

  • Review the recommendations to achieve the priorities identified in 2020 and provide feedback and direction.


  • The Exhibitions Strategic Task Force leadership consists of a Chair and Vice Chair.


  • Selected leaders from 10 to 12 AEM exhibition exhibitors.
  • Approximately five contractors/producers.
  • Approximately five outside-of-industry contributors, preferably from an innovations role.
  • Have a Foresight profile of ideator, maverick, trail blazer, idea broker, etc.


  • Up to two to three virtual meetings per year.