Group Leadership

Jeff Reed
Reed International/VSS Macropaver

Vice Chair
Steve Berglund

AEM Staff Contact

Dennis Slater
President | 414-298-4140

Wanda Sova
Executive Assistant | 414-298-4168


To recommend candidates to serve in volunteer leadership positions in the Association and to assist them in preparing for their service as leaders.


  • Identify and nominate candidates for the volunteer leadership positions to be elected or appointed to serve the following year, including the AEM Officers (Chair, Vice Chair, Ag Chair, CE Chair and Treasurer), Ag and CE Vice Chairs, GPAC Chair and Vice Chair, Finance Committee Vice Chair, and Directors for the AEM Board, Ag Sector Board and CE Sector Board.
  • Recommend candidates to be appointed or elected to chair AEM exhibitions, including CONEXPO-CON/AGG and The Utility Expo.
  • Review and update, as needed, criteria for selection to volunteer leadership positions.
  • Maintain representation from all membership segments for the volunteer leadership positions.
  • Identify and recommend candidates to improve the diversity of the AEM and Sector Boards.
  • Identify and prepare prospective candidates for future leadership positions.
  • Direct the “Mentor” and “Orientation” programs for newly elected or appointed volunteer leaders.
  • Nominate candidates to fill volunteer leadership positions left vacant due to resignations or departures.

2021 Objectives

  • Identify and nominate candidates for 2021 and 2022 volunteer leadership positions.
  • Nominate candidates to fill open leadership positions left vacant by resignations.
  • Oversee the orientation program for new Directors.


  • Chair – The immediate past AEM Chair is appointed to a one-year term each November by the incoming AEM Chair.
  • If the immediate past Chair is not available to serve, the most recent active past Chair will serve.


  • 8-12 members appointed to one-year terms each November by the AEM Chair.
  • Past Chairs of AEM still active as Directors serving on the AEM Board or the Ag and CE Sector Boards.
  • Current AEM Chair and Vice Chair.
  • Members identified in the AEM Chair succession plan.
  • Additional members may be appointed if there is not a sufficient number of active Past Chairs available to serve.
  • One representative each from the Services and Components membership categories.
  • There are no term limits.