Group Leadership

Karen Cecil

Vice Chair
Michael Going
CNH Industrial

AEM Staff Contact

Julie Davis
Senior Director, Workforce & Industry Initiatives | 414-298-4157


Define and direct the implementation of a cohesive industry strategy on sustainability, promoting the positive global impacts made by member organizations.


  • Understand how sustainability is perceived, achieved and communicated throughout our membership.
  • Understand how we compare to other industries by benchmarking automotive, electronics, aerospace, etc.
  • Alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals in areas we can target as an industry as well as all those areas that we have an impact on.
  • Establish and implement a sustainability index for our industry.
  • Quantify and communicate all past successes (emissions reductions over time, productivity gains, safety improvements, standards development).
  • Understand how our industry is perceived with regard to sustainability issues.
  • Develop and deliver a unified industry sustainability message.
  • Develop, promote and distribute best practices (life cycle analysis, chemical data collection, data quality, etc.).
  • Ensure that this is an initiative that includes the entire supply chain.

2022 Priorities

  • Develop a Maturity Curve for industry bench marking
  • Align Responsible sourcing compliance through supply chain
  • Focusing on the intersection of regulation and Sustainability deliver best practice guidance to begin the sustainability journey.
  • Deploy a Sustainability measurement system for the industry
  • Align Sustainability definitions and expectations through supply chain
  • Develop a Supply Chain Sustainability Summit
  • Develop and promote industry approved language for supply chain code of conduct