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Group Leadership

Kim Noe
John Deere

Vice Chair
Kristen Mauritzon

AEM Staff Contact

Julie Davis
Senior Director, Workforce & Industry Initiatives | 414-298-4157


The Sustainability Council is focused on moving the industry forward faster by aligning the industry as it prepares for increasing stakeholder expectations, existing, and developing ESG regulations to reduce member risk.


  • Build alignment 

    • Develop OEM sector specific sustainability reporting guidance.

    • Increase education, adoption, and action around sustainability within the supply chain.

    • Integrate with other AEM groups, committees, and councils.

  • Grow supply chain success

    • Update and utilize Supply Chain Toolkit

    • Develop opportunities for deeper sustainability education and faster adoption 

    • Align OEM-Supply Chain sustainability reporting requests and expectations 

  • Power Positive Sustainability Perception 

    • Utilize United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) as a framework to communicate 

    • Establish an industry benchmark referencing the UN SDGs 

    • Enable our industry the ability to tell the sustainability story of growth