Group Leadership

Deb Franklin
CLAAS of America

Vice Chair
Jeff Fitch

AEM Staff Contact

Julie Davis
Senior Director, Workforce & Industry Initiatives | 414-298-4157

Objectives and Responsibilities

  • Maintain focus for the AEM workforce development initiative on specific areas of need in which a real impact may be made.
  • Identify ongoing objectives, tactics and target audience.
  • Support relevant industry partners for a unified AEM-led industry initiative.
  • Provide guidance for the allocation of resources used to execute workforce development activities.
  • Help facilitate additional AEM member engagement in the initiative.

2022 Priorities

Goal 1: Activate Industry Leaders

  • Create opportunity for peer-to-peer conversations around effective workforce development efforts
    • Both C-Suite and HR Levels
  • Create a leadership video focused on what it takes to lead successful workforce development engagement. Engaged leaders challenging all leaders to activate
  • Help shape leadership’s view of workforce efforts as strategic instead of just tactical
  • Engage more c-suit leaders at the committee level

Goal 2: Explore how to Gamify / Celebrate Engaged Workforce Efforts

  • Explore “workforce in a box” concept (Possibly like I Make America)
  • Construct a points or rating system for workforce so we can measure engagement and progress
  • Award and rate companies that participate
  • Use 2022 to create a framework and explore this concept so we could budget for a roll out in 2023 if we decide to move forward

Ongoing Goals:

  • Communicate Foundational Best Practices
    • Help every member, regardless of size, resources, location or sector, to have easy access to best practices for workforce development.
    • Support the toolkit with updated material and continue to promote to our members as an AEM resource.
  • Facilitate formal partnerships with industry partners, education partners and student membership organizations.
  • Expand equipment industry engagement in K-12 workforce development outreach.
  • Agriculture teacher scholarship program / Curriculum for Agriculture Science Education program continuation


  • The Chair is elected by the group and serves a two-year term.
  • The Vice Chair is elected by the group and serves until Chair succession.


  • Executive-level representatives from AEM member companies.


  • At least one face-to-face meeting annually, in conjunction with other meetings/events if possible.
  • Additional virtual or conference call meetings as required.