Group Leadership

Keith Johnson
Kondex Corp.

Vice Chair
Deb Franklin
CLAAS of America

AEM Staff Contact

Julie Davis
Director, Workforce Development | 414-298-4157

Objectives and Responsibilities

  • Maintain focus for the AEM workforce development initiative on specific areas of need in which a real impact may be made.
  • Identify ongoing objectives, tactics and target audience.
  • Support relevant industry partners for a unified AEM-led industry initiative.
  • Provide guidance for the allocation of resources used to execute workforce development activities.
  • Help facilitate additional AEM member engagement in the initiative.

2021 Priorities

Goal 1: Foundational Best Practices: Help every member, regardless of size, resources, location or sector, to have easy access to best practices for workforce development.

  • Support the launch of the toolkit where the research, articles and best practices are categorized by content, supported by step-by-step implementation ideas and reflected with case studies from our own member organizations.
  • Promote workforce services to members: various remote and onsite consulting packages, presentations and access to gated content available to members.
  • Promote the Organizational Workforce Development Assessment and Community Asset Mapping Tool accessible through the Solutions Toolkit.

Goal 2: Build Industry–Education Partnerships

  • Form an Industry Education subcommittee with a goal to identify a common set of nationally portable, existing, industry-recognized work and learn programs, certifications and credentials that we can connect members with.


  • Facilitate formal partnerships with industry partners, education partners and student membership organizations.
  • Expand equipment industry engagement in K-12 workforce development outreach.
  • Annual Workforce Solutions Summit focused on providing members with workforce ideas and solutions.
  • Youth/Industry engagement.
  • Agriculture teacher scholarship program continuation.


  • Executive level representatives from AEM member companies.


  • The Chair is elected by the group and serves a two-year term.
  • The Vice Chair is elected by the group and serves until Chair succession.


  • At least one face-to-face meeting annually, in conjunction with other meetings/events if possible.
  • Additional WebEx or conference call meetings as required.