Crane Technical Committee (CTC)


The mission of the AEM Crane Technical Committee (CTC) is:

  • To identify, evaluate and prioritize newly emergent issues related to developing technical standards, regulations and other matters common to the crane industry which could potentially impact member companies, their products and their markets.
  • To monitor the developments of global standards and regulations including ASME B30, SAE – CLDC, OSHA, ISO TC96 through the TC96 US TAG
  • To develop and communicate, as appropriate and in a timely and proactive manner, the consensus of AEM member position’s to related industry organizations.
  • To collaborate with global organizations including: CICA, CRAC, ESTA, FEM, SC&RA, VDMA and JCA on global standards, regulations and industry safety
  • To enhance participation and engagement from AEM members that are manufacturers of cranes and related products.


The Crane Technical Committee (CTC) addresses product safety and technical concerns. It is the standing committee of the International Crane Stakeholders Association (ICSA) and hosts the global meeting of ICSA triennially.  CTC leads the promotion of worldwide harmonization in design standards, regulations and safety of cranes and crane equipment.


CTC shall have the responsibility to identify, evaluate and communicate within the industry, issues concerning technical standards development, pending regulations and other issues that could impact member company crane equipment products and to provide an avenue for formulating the required industry position and action.

This shall be accomplished by receiving and evaluating information from various sources including AEM member companies.

The committee shall be responsible for determining the priority of each issue using an “importance vs. ability to influence” methodology and for creating the documentation concerning the issue. A member of the committee will be assigned as the principal contact person for each issue.


AEM member companies who have interests in the manufacture of cranes and related components are invited to participate on the CTC committee.


  • Schedule two to three face-to-face or Webex meetings per year.  Following the ASME B30 schedule is favorable for the members to participate and attend the CTC and SAE CLDC meetings when scheduling with the ASME B30 events.


  • Mobile Crane Safety Manual – MC1407
  • Mobile Crane – VIDEO-MC
  • International Crane Stakeholders Assembly (ICSA) – Guidance Documents


The AEM Crane Technical Committee will list the manufactured crane products and related products that AEM members manufacture. The products can include but are not limited to: Mobile cranes; Tower cranes; Crane accessories and components.

Group Leadership


Stephanie Wood


Vice Chairman

David Frerking

Xuzhou Construction Machinery

AEM Staff Contact

Ed Lopez

AEM Technical Manager, Safety & Product Leadership