AEM Staff Contact

Sara Feuling
Director, Construction | 414-298-4149

John Somers
Sr. Director, Utility | 414-298-4172

Megan Tanel
Sr. Vice President, Construction & Utility Sectors | 414-298-4117


  • Determine AEM's role related to digitization and how AEM can help drive efficiency and technology adoption within the industry.
  • Review potentially disruptive technologies and issues related to digital integration plus obstacles for adoption and end-user challenges.
  • Discuss how those issues impact the industry, including how machines are built, integrated site operations and safety and how machines are used.

2021 Priorities

  • End user technology adoption – acting as Education Committee to help drive topics and content for CONEXPO-CON/AGG Tech Talks program.
  • Reviewing disruptive technologies which may require industry collaboration and/or standards development for successful implementation.
  • Develop equipment utilization program.
  • Monitoring policies impacting the CE Sector related to technology.


  • Committee leadership consists of a Chair and Vice Chair(s) elected by the committee to serve a two-year term. There are no term limits.


  • Approximately 20 representatives from member companies that represent and are engaged in the technology space.
  • Representatives can include AEM Board Directors, CE Sector Board Directors and member executives and/or technology experts.
  • Participants will represent a cross-section within the CE sector of the AEM membership to encourage positive interaction and different perspectives.
  • There are no term limits.


  • One to two face-to-face meetings each year with conference calls/virtual meetings as required.