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Group Leadership

Matthew Walker

AEM Staff Contact

Austin Gellings
Agriculture Services Manager | 414-298-4108


  1. Identify product-related challenges to the specialty crop industry and formulate industry driven solutions. 
  2. Help develop and grow awareness of specialty crop related issues with the general public as well as governing bodies.
  3. Identify means by which AEM may better support this product group.


  • Promote and educate on the specialty crop industry internally within AEM, to AEM member companies, and other outside organizations
  • Bring specialty crop perspective to autonomous vehicle discussions
  • Promote specialty crop equipmetn modernization
  • Expand AEM specialty crop specific program offerings


A Chair is elected by the committee and serves a two-year term.


Executives and technology experts from AEM agriculture member companies who are impacted by developments in technology standards, regulations and adoption.


At least one annual face-to-face and conference calls as required.