Manufacturers of Elevating Work Platforms Committee (MEWPC)

Product Focus

The Manufacturers of Mobile Elevating Work Platforms Council (MEWPC) is comprised of manufacturers of scissor-type, boom-type and personnel-type work platforms (devices that are manually propelled or self-propelled, designed to position personnel, along with their necessary tools and materials, to work locations above and/or below the supporting surface).


To promote and further the interests of the Manufacturers of Elevating Work Platforms Council on issues related to safety, standards and regulations, statistics and market data, education, public policy, and the improvement of the overall industry’s image.


MEWPC members have participated in a confidential market statistics program, reporting North American and worldwide shipments into 9 products.


The Council was formed in 1983 and has an active Engineering Committee.

Group Leadership



Vice Chairman


AEM Staff Contact

John Somers

Vice President, Construction & Utility Sector