Statistics Executive Committee (SEC)


Define and direct the policies and procedures of the AEM North American Market Statistics Program.


  • Ensure that the actions, programs, and activities of the Statistics Council are consistent with the policies and determinations of AEM and its Board.
  • The SEC will resolve any conflicts in the relationship of product reporting versus committee. If companies petition the SEC to establish a new committee, the SEC will review and guide the group in organizing a committee or determine if it best fits in an existing committee.
  • Guidance and direction for the individual committees. Act as final authority on disputed issues at the committee level.
  • Define the structure of the Product Segments and how they relate to mandatory reporting requirements and SEC membership.
  • Provide input on the future of statistical, system, and program activities to the committees, staff, IPC and Board.
  • Oversight and resolution of data integrity issues.
  • Monitor and update the AEM Statistics Policy and Procedures Manual.
    • Vice Chair may opt to form a Policy and Procedures Review subcommittee.
    • Review and approve or decline changes presented by the subcommittee.
  • Maintain liaison as appropriate with Intercontinental Statistical Committee.

2023 Priorities

  • Establish new rules for sharing of highly aggregated data as approved by the Ag and CE Sector board in August and November 2022 meetings. 
  • Finalize recommendation to HAI on its establishment of Data Retention policy.
  • Reconcile Canadian Geography into iStat system, which are adjusted by Canadian Census results.
Group Leadership


James Shanholtzer

CNH Industrial

Vice Chair

Dawn Ditzenberger


AEM Staff Contact

Mike Lietke

Sr. Director, Statistics & Market Information