Power Source Council (PSC)


The Power Source Council (PSC) provides a forum for discussing engine, powertrain, and power source related legal, regulatory, and compliance issues.

  • Acquire and disseminate information regarding engine emission and alternative power regulatory issues.
  • Provide commentary, guidance, and technical expertise during relevant regulatory rulemaking activities.
  • Promote alignment across AEM’s membership and with our international counterparts to facilitate harmonized positions on important engine emission and alternative power issues.


To achieve its mission, the Power Source Council acts as a steering committee for regulatory and compliance issues related to engine emissions and alternative power technologies, to identify and develop common solutions to these issues, and to ensure optimal outcomes for industry.

Key Activities

  • Identify emerging issues through AEM members, industry trade associations, standards development organizations, government agencies, and regulatory contacts.
  • Provide a forum for AEM members to discuss issues of concern as well as potential solutions.
  • Outline appropriate AEM regulatory engagement opportunities.
  • Coordinate AEM member activities to effectively respond to industry issues.
  • Execute on solutions to common industry problems.


AEM Staff Contact

Travis Webb

Technical Director, Safety & Product Leadership