Safety & Product Leadership Council (SPLC)


  • This Council, serving as the advocate in the Association, provides the strategic and operational direction for AEM’s Safety and Product Leadership programs and initiatives.


  • Coordinate and prioritize goals and objectives for Safety and Product Leadership issues.
    • Ensure early recognition of emerging Safety and Product Leadership related issues.
    • Determine the strategic direction of the Association’s Safety and Product Leadership activities and programs.
    • Assist in the development and resourcing of programs to effectively address Safety and Product Leadership related issues.
  • Communicate with the AEM AG and CE Sector Board of Directors on technical matters.
  • Annually review AEM’s financial and staff support of standards activities.
  • Review and approve recommendations for new services and activities.


  • The SPLC consists of AEM members who serve as chair or vice chair of an active Safety and Product Leadership group.
  • AEM Staff may appoint additional  members as required by the SPLC. (e.g. product category representation, industry projects, or specific standards work).
  • Only full-time employees of AEM member companies can serve on the SPLC.
  • Only members serving as a chair or vice-chair are allowed to vote on items as required.


  • The Safety and Product Leadership Council will meet three times per year:  twice in person and once via conference call or Teams. 
  • Additional meetings may be held to focus on specific Sector related prioritization.
  • The chair may also convene a conference call as needed in preparation for the in-person meetings or to address specific issues.
Group Leadership


Mike DeSpain

John Deere Co.

AEM Staff Contact

Jason Malcore

Director, Global Standards & Compliance


Jeff Jurgens

Director, Product Stewardship