Substances Compliance Council (SCC)

This committee provides influence and direction for AEM’s chemical regulatory and compliance efforts. Members address concerns and issues surrounding regulatory compliance with the goal of moving our industry from awareness to competence to compliance with these regulatory issues through tools and education.

The committee will focus on all relevant global chemical and substance regulations. This may include, but is not limited to, EU REACH, RoHS, conflict minerals, US TSCA, SCiP, California Prop 65, CEPA, 1999, and others.


  • Identify regulatory issues that impact, or are likely to impact in the future, our members and their suppliers.
  • Provide an industry perspective on best practices for regulatory compliance
  • Initiate subcommittees to work on specific aspects of regulatory initiatives.
  • Periodically review work and timelines of sub-committees as well as approve of new initiatives from members as needed.
  • Liaise with industry stakeholder groups
  • Engage with governmental regulatory officials
  • Educate the membership on new market access concerns.
Group Leadership


Manish Patel


Vice Chair

Niel Smith

Assent Compliance

AEM Staff Contact

Jason Malcore

Senior Director, Safety & Product Leadership