Technical Communications Committee (TCC)


  • To provide an industry forum to collaborate, identify, propose and share emerging solutions to improve and enhance technical and safety communications.
  • To provide a network to share ideas related to technical communication challenges.

Committee Objectives

  1. Coordinate and prioritize goals and objectives for common industry technical and safety publications issues.
  2. The delivery of technical information technologies
  3. Accelerating innovation, learning and growth
  4. Forum to discuss updated industry standards and regulations that could affect technical publications.
  5. Identify relevant language translations laws, requirements and best practices.
  6. Assist in identifying topics/develop presentations for AEM Product Safety Seminar – Next planning committee in Oct. Ideas needed before that time. Topics should lean toward safety.

Industry Challenges/Issues

  1. Timing and delivery of up to date content for production 
  2. Content management – includes style guides, glossaries 
  3. Style inconsistency
  4. Translations
  5. Future delivery of technical materials
  6. Hiring and training resources/employees 
  7. Succession planning
  8. Editing and review process of publications
  9. Version control – when do you update? 
  10. International compliance – required documentation to ship products outside of the U.S.
  11. Availability of current technology for formatting and distribution 
  12. Controlled authoring  
  13. Paper documentation vs digital delivery
Group Resources



Group Leadership


Josh Nicklaus

Vermeer Corporation

Vice Chairman

Amanda Lutey

Pettibone/Traverse Lift, LLC

AEM Staff Contact

Valerie Lynch

Technical Manager, Safety & Product Leadership