AEFThe Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation (AEF) is pleased to be a recipient of an AE50 award of the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) for 2020 for the development of the Tractor Implement Management (TIM) functionality.

For the first time, this system enables secure, industry-leading communication between tractors and implements from different manufacturers. TIM is a cross-product and cross-manufacturer ISOBUS solution where the implement controls certain tractor functions and optimizes the working process. What is new is that the implement sends information to the tractor via standardized and secure communication which leads to an optimization of the overall system.

With TIM, the farmer works more precisely, effectively and economically while simultaneously increasing quality. TIM saves time and money. The field operation becomes technically simpler and easier as TIM takes over tiring and repetitive tasks. In addition, a farmer can use TIM with his tractors and implements from different manufacturers.

When the idea for TIM was originally introduced it worked for machines from the same manufacturer, which presented problems for different machine combinations. Also, communications were not secure between tractor and implement.

The AEF has taken up the basic idea of the ISOBUS Class 3 solution and made decisive progress with a new infrastructure for secure communication. This standardized solution with digital certificates is the only way to ensure manufacturer-independent cooperation between tractors and implements in terms of maximum brand flexibility.

Secure communication is of fundamental importance for digitized agriculture. The standardized solution with digital certificates fulfills this condition and thus offers potential for further applications, such as wireless in-field communication. This solution forms the basis for future-oriented developments in the entire field of agricultural engineering.

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